14 new covid-19 cases were announced by the health ministry on Friday, bringing the total to 1,222.

Five cases came from individuals tested on private initiative, four of whom had a travel history.

One individual came from Finland, the second from the United States, the third from Sweden, and the fourth from Paros in Greece.

The fifth person who tested positive went on private initiative after developing symptoms.

Four cases came from tests being conducted on workers returning to their jobs during the second and third phase of restrictions being lifted.

In an announcement later in the day, the health ministry said the four workers were all from the Sunrise Oasis Hotel in Protaras. The hotel has been informed according to the ministry and the individuals positive to the virus and their contacts has all been isolated.

Another four came from contact tracing, two did their tests privately and the other two were tested through the normal contact tracing process.

One more case was found among individuals tested on doctor’s orders.

The ministry processed a total of 3,539 tests on Friday.

According to the ministry, 218 tests were processed from contact tracing, 1,111 from individuals tested on private initiative, 28 from individuals tested on doctors’ orders, 239 from workers returning to their jobs during the second and third phase of lifting restrictions.

Negative results were received from 147 tests processed by state hospital laboratories, 1,576 from passengers and repatriated individuals, 48 from checkpoints, two from Kato Pyrgos residents, 26 testing conducted on migrant camps, and 144 from random testing on 10,000 people.

Four people are being treated at Famagusta General, the reference hospital.

They are all in stable and good condition.

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