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New measures for the coronavirus pandemic are announced

South Cyprus Government is being reorganized and by the end of the week it is expected to announce new measures to deal with the coronavirus pandemic. The internal meetings in the various Ministries started yesterday and will largely determine the continuation.

Processes are underway on how the schools will reopen. At the same time, the Ministry of Health is considering measures that will be implemented on a nationwide basis, will include restrictions on private or other gatherings and will impose opening hours in restaurants.

As for the pandemic in general, tomorrow the scientists will meet again with the Minister of Health who has already submitted his proposals to the advisory committee and is awaiting its official positions. The minister’s suggestions include measures that will be valid until January 15, 2021 and concern an allowed number of people per gathering of 50 people, extension of the measure of banning the operation of clubs and imposition of hours until 1.00 am. for dining areas. For weddings and baptisms, the proposals of the Minister of Health speak of a maximum number of 350 people present.

In the field of Education, the scientists submitted their proposals to the competent minister yesterday and as everything shows, students and teachers will return to the classrooms in September wearing masks, at least as far as Secondary Education is concerned. On the table is still a suggestion for high school students to rotate, despite the fact that the Ministry of Education intends to return all students to their desks normally.

Final decisions should be expected next Friday when the Council of Ministers will meet and will be informed by the two ministers about the data as they will have been formed in the next twenty-four hours. For schools, moreover, it is not ruled out that more time will be given as scientists are still in the process of elaborating the updated protocols and guidelines that will be given to teachers and students from the first day of their return to schools.

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